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Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 Amp : Review

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410


The on-board reverb, that cannot be turned off with the footswitch, and the equalization section settings are shared by the two channels. This is a limit, since it makes difficult the optimization of the sound.

First (Normal)

Input 1

For most of the guitars.


It provides 6dB less gain than the first input and is suitable for pre-amplified instruments. When used simultaneously they are identical.


Use this button to increase high frequencies, so to obtain a more brilliant sound.


The volume of the Normal channel.



To add Gain. It must be used in conjunction with Master.

More Drive

For Fender this is the third channel, but obviously it's only a button which boosts Gain.


The Master volume.

Common elements

Treble, Middle and Bass

The equalization is the same for all the two channels. This is a problem. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to find a setting that is valid for clean and distorted sounds at the same time. My opinion is that this is a great limit of the DeVille 410, and that this feature makes impossible the use of this amp in a live context.


The level of the effect. It is of poor quality. Nothing of particular.


It works after the distortion circuitry. It adds high frequencies to the Tone and makes the sound more open.

Pre Out/Power In

These two jacks can be used in different ways. Like a Send and Return for the effects, for recording or to use the pre in another amp.

In some contexts it can be valid


Responsive, clear and bright. Probably, in this price range, one of the best clean tones on the market. It is really a tube sound and can give only satisfactions.


The weak point. When you switch to the second channel you can immediatly understand the meaning of my words. It becomes buzzy and noisy, and this characteristic rises always more if you turn up the volume. In my opinion this is a speakers problem, but it's only my sensation. The only way to get a good distortion is the use of a good pedal in the clean channel.


The DeVille 410 can be used to play Blues, Jazz, Country or a soft Rock. If you are looking for an amp with good clean sounds, it can be an excellent choice.

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