Guitar Amplifiers


Hot Rod

  • Deluxe
  • Good for Rock and Blues. It can satisfy or not. It depends. The clean is sweet and round. The Distortion is limited by the cheap speaker. The More Drive button is unusable, a real disaster.

  • DeVille 212
  • Too many limits. The onboard Reverb cannot be turned off with the footswitch. In addition, it is rather poor. The clean is good, but, certainly, it is far from the classic Fender. The Distortion is harsh and cold.

  • Blues DeVille 410 Reissue
  • Too many common controls, like, for instance, the equalization section. This characteristic limits the flexibility. As a whole, it is good, but the price is excessive. Four 10 inches speakers. 60 Watts.

  • DeVille 410
  • Brilliant and open. Probably, in this price range, among the best clean on the market. The Distortion, much noisy, is the weak point. In my opinion for the cheap speakers.

  • Blues Junior
  • As a whole, an excellent product. A switch, called Fat, boosts gain and sustain. It can be activated also from the footswitch, not included. It is an optional (p/n 0994054000). The tone is really warm, thanks to 5 tubes.

  • Deluxe 112 Enclosure
  • The cabinet of the series, but currently the production has been discontinued. One 12 inches Celestion G12P-80. It adds more lows, and also an extra volume. The look is clearly vintage, and it is available in various colors.

  • Pro Junior
  • Only two controls, tone and volume. But in effect the simplicity is its main added value. The contained dimensions and weight make it perfect for the warm-up, and also for the studio.

  • Blues Deluxe Reissue
  • Perhaps, the use of an Overdrive can be useful, but the final result is good. Among the various models of this series it is one of the best, certainly. It can be a good solution for Blues, Country and also Rock.

Vintage Modified

  • Deluxe VM
  • The available effects can be useful for a minimal setup. A reverb, the chorus/vibrato with frequency, depth and mixing, and a delay with the control for the tempo and for the number of the repetitions.

  • Super Champ XD
  • The equalization section, with treble and lows, is simple, but efficient. Voice is, fundamentally, a speaker emulator with 16 options. It is an hybrid Combo, but the result is good, like the price, really low.

  • Vibro Champ XD
  • A very good solution for the study. 5 Watts, a DSP with 16 effects, and a speaker emulator with 7 models, with some variations. The clean is excellent and the Distortion is surprising. Certainly, it is worth more than how much it costs.

  • Band Master VM
  • The two 6L6 tubes produce a good distortion, rather pleasant and flexible. A solid state section provides the clean sound that is rather dark, compared to the classic Fender.

Vintage Reissue

  • '63 Reverb
  • A good product but, in my opinion, too much expensive. The Dwell knob adjusts the number of the harmonics and, i have to say, it works well. It can create some very particular atmospheres. For the Blues is perfect.

  • '65 Deluxe Reverb
  • Fundamentally, it is the reissue of the Blackface. It features a 12 inches speaker, much similar to the original Jensen, with ceramic magnets. The clean channel is sweet, slightly melodious, with many harmonics and a remarkable sustain.

  • '59 Bassman LTD
  • It works well also at low volume, a useful and interesting characteristic. Tone is sweet and warm, the attack is remarkable, and all the notes are much definite. The speakers, rather cheap, are the weak point.

  • '65 Super Reverb
  • Another reissue of the Blackface, here in the Super version. It delivers 45 watts, at 2 ohms. Four 10 inches Jensen P10R speakers, with alnico magnets. A two-button footswitch is included.

  • '65 Twin Reverb
  • Warm and fat. It is a real pleasure. The Vibrato is equipped with two controls for the parameters. Speed, adjusts the rate, and Intensity. The footswitch isn't included, it is an optional. The two Jensen C-12K are extraordinary.

  • '65 Twin Custom 15
  • An absolute masterpiece. The only difference, compared with the '65 Twin Reverb, is the 15 inches Custom Eminence. It is based on the JBLAD130F, used by Fender in the '60s and '70s.

  • '65 Princeton Reverb
  • Rather bright, almost shrill, so, if you are looking for warmth, perhaps this isn't the product for you. The 25 Watts 10" Jensen C10R makes a good job. The front panel is very simple.


JCM 800

  • 2203
  • A 100 Watt head with master volume. The first version was launched in 1981. It adds a series effects loop, not present in the original. A good choice for Hard Rock, Metal or Grunge. Fundamentally, a monster.

  • 2203KK Kerry King
  • All the features of the normal version, like the single channel, 100 Watts, Master Volume, 3-Band EQ, Presence, more a dedicated function, called The Beast. The final result is an incredible Distortion. It cannot disappoint.

  • 4104
  • Two inputs with a different sensitivity. The rear panel is equipped with a dedicated output for a filtered signal, ready for a recorder, a mixer or an effects processor. The maximum consumption is 175 Watts.

  • 4210
  • Fundamentally, the combo version of the 2205 head. 2 channels (Clean/Rhythm and Boost), each with its equalization section. The footswitch is included. The rear panel is rather complete. It is present the Send & Return too.

  • 5210
  • A transistor combo with Hammond Spring Reverb. Series effects loop with Send & Return and headphone output. The footswitch is included. It selects the active channel.

JCM 900

  • 4100 Dual Reverb Reissue
  • A dedicated output provides a filtered signal, ready for a recorder, or also for a mixer. The second channel, that of the Distortion, is really extraordinary, but only with an important volume. Flexible and much transparent.

  • 2501 SL-X Master Volume
  • The level for the effects loop can be adjusted from -10dBV to +4dBm. Two dedicated outputs, one with a filtered signal, for a recorder or a mixer, and one output, directly from the pre, for another amp.

  • 4101 Dual Reverb
  • The combo version of the 4100 head. Features and specifications are the same. It is equipped with a Celestion G12-100. Indipendent controls for the pre and for the master volume. Filtered output for the recording.


  • MG15
  • If we consider the price, really low, my opinion is that Marshall has made an excellent job. The auxiliary input can be used to connect an external player. A much useful function, above all for who is studying.

  • MG15FX
  • All the settings can be stored, a very interesting feature, wiht the help of a button on the front panel. Five available effects: Reverb (with a dedicated control), Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay.

  • MG30FX
  • The Tap Tempo button can be used for various purposes. For example it can select the operational modality, (manual or preset), or it can activate the tuner. As a whole, a good solid state amp.

Vintage Modern

  • 2466
  • It is equipped with two particular controls, called Body and Detail. They allow a separate regulation of all the frequencies, for a great flexibility. On the front panel is present a switch for the boost of the mids.

  • 425A
  • This cabinet delivers the classic tone of the 70s, but with a wider dynamic range. Four G12C 25-watt Celestion Greenbacks. They were developed for the Super100JH stack, a Jimi Hendrix limited edition.

  • 2266C
  • All-tube, 50 watts and a reverb on-board. I dont know if approximately 1050 Euros are a good price for this combo with only one channel and some controls not so effective.

Vintage Series

  • 1959 SLP
  • A very interesting head of great value. It is, certainly, a professional product, and cannot disappoint. The controls of the equalization are interactive, like always. The final result is really remarkable, but the quality costs.

  • 1987X
  • The overall quality, the controls, and the main characteristics are similar to the 1959 SLP. The only difference is the output of the signal, less powerful. Like for the greater brother, a very good product.

Valvestate AVT

  • 50
  • It is produced in England, and is equipped with some interesting innovations, as regards the main characteristic of this series, the hybrid technology. The speaker is a 12 inches Celestion, with a 4 Ohms impedance.

  • 50XT Tribute
  • In the manual there are some sample settings. Clean for Funky and Blues, Brit, MV and Heavy Crunch, Screaming lead. As a whole it provides all the necessary for a deep regulation of the sound.

  • 150HX Tribute
  • It is equipped with a DSP with 16 effects, but the first 10 programs are all Reverbs. A switch on the front panel activates a dedicated function for the simulation of the acoustic guitar. Interesting, but expensive.


  • Dual Rectifier Solo Head
  • With eight different operational modalities the flexibility is really extraordinary. The Multi-Watt is a rather interesting function. The user can select two available options, as regards the output. 50 or 100 Watts.

  • Mark Five
  • A masterpiece, really a great amp. This Combo provides an incredible flexibility, with its three channels, nine modes and a great EQ. It is equipped with a 12" speaker (C90).


  • Micro Cube GX
  • Notwithstanding the compact size it provides all the necessary. The sound is honest and acceptable, and the i-CUBE LINK is really an added value. 5 effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Heavy Octave.

  • Cube Lite
  • An interesting Roland product. 3 different tones, thanks to the COSM technology, a quality audio, with the addition of a subwoofer, and the i-CUBE LINK, an iOS interface. The free app CUBE JAM works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  • Cube 10GX
  • Certainly, a very valid product for practicing. A switch on the front panel provides 3 options: Clean ( Roland JC-120), Crunch (Marshall JMP1987) and Lead (MESA/Boogie Rectifier). 3 available effects, but only one at a time.


  • VC30
  • Certainly, an excellent product with a very evident vintage character. It cannot disappoint. It is always clean and crystalline, also with much gain. The price is rather important, but the quality costs. The footswitch is optional.

  • VC15
  • Notwithstanding the dimensions and the weight, much contained, this small jewel is equipped with 5 tubes, three for the pre, and 2 for the output. The overall quality is really remarkable. Yes, it is a rather expensive combo.