Reviews and specs


  • Digitech Distortion
  • SC-2
  • It provides a switch for the 2 modes: Crunch ( Overdrive) and Saturated (High Gain). The SC-2 is perfect for the 80's Rock, like Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue and so on. The high-voltage circuit preserves the guitar tone.

  • Digitech Floorboards
  • RP355
  • With the 6 knobs on the front panel settings are easy and fast. The manual is complete and exhaustive about all the functions of the floorboard, but there are no information for the update of the firmware.

  • Zoom Floorboards
  • G5
  • An important feature is a switch that divides the signal between the effect and the analog sound of the guitar. It is flexible and complete and with all the modern features that today are necessary.

  • Zoom Handheld
  • H6
  • 4 microphonic capsules, 2 are included, 2 are optional and sold separately. Three compressors and three limiters. The Accessory Pack includes a USB-type AC adapter, a remote control, and a windscreen. Certainly, a very advanced product.

  • Tascam Handheld
  • DR-08
  • The gain control can be manual or automatic. When in automatic, it will regulate the gain according to the signal level. Two formats for the recorded files: WAV and MP3.

  • Korg Handheld
  • MR-1
  • Expensive, but with some features that are very rare in a device of this type. The user can use 100 mark points per a song. Up to 1000 projects for each format (DSDIFF, DSF, WSD, WAV and MP3).

  • Marshall Vintage Modern
  • 2466
  • A 100-Watt head that features 4 ECC83 valves for the pre section and 4 KT66 for the power amp. The front panel includes a switch to boost middle, for a more fat sound, and a digital reverb.

  • Marshall Vintage Series
  • 1959 SLP
  • A 100-Watt head with three ECC83 tubes for the pre and four EL34 for the power amp. Few controls but very efficient. It sounds very well and delivers a warm and pleasant tone.

  • Laney VC
  • VC15
  • A perfect solution for who is looking for a quality product, but transportable. Two different inputs, but the equalization section is common. A dedicated output for an external cabinet.