Reviews and specs


  • TC Electronic Distortion
  • MojoMojo
  • The circuit works at an higher voltage than the normal. Only quality components. The metal-shaft potentiometers are really a pleasure. It slightly compress the signal and is rather transparent. The price of this pedal is valid.

  • Zoom Floorboards
  • G2.1Nu
  • Thanks to the USB connection the user can record directly on a PC without any delay. The software, Edit & Share, allows the creation of new patches, that can be manually modified with a visual instrument.

  • TC Electronic Reverb
  • NR-1 Nova
  • The main characteristic of this pedal is the flexibility. Controls are efficient and some ready-to-use presets expand the possibilities of the guitarist. Rather expensive, but it doesn't disappoint, and makes really a good work.

  • Roland Multitrack
  • Cakewalk V-STUDIO 100
  • Eight inputs and six outputs. EQ and compression on six channels. A built-in metronome and many useful functions. But, above all, it can be also an advanced mixer and a very useful controller.

  • Yamaha Multitrack
  • AW2400
  • The 4 processors provide a large number of effects for instruments, voice and mastering. 16 inputs and 24 tracks. EQ, with two algorithms, and dynamics on each channel. Faders and knobs are motorized.

  • Alesis Handheld
  • TwoTrack
  • Few controls and a good overall quality. Two condenser microphones and an input for an additional microphone or for an external source. Perhaps, it is too much expensive, but this is a personal opinion.

  • Laney VC
  • VC30
  • Three models with the same features and the same electronics, but with different speakers, dimensions and weight. The FS2 footswitch selects the 2 channels and the built-in Reverb. The Effects Loop is equipped with the Bypass.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • Blues Deluxe Reissue
  • After the 4/5 of the volume, it becomes more Crunch, but always definite and clear. Absolutely the classic Fender clean.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • Deluxe
  • Complete and rather flexible, but it is not convincing. Perhaps, the problem is the 12" Special Design Eminence. The footswitch is included.