Reviews and specs


  • Digitech Loop
  • JamMan Solo
  • An interesting feature is the ability to speed up or slow down audio without changing the pitch. It comes with JamManager, a very useful and completely free software. An additional footswitch (the FS3X) can be connected through a dedicated input.

  • Boss Loop
  • RC-50
  • The rear panel is much complete and allows a good flexibility. The microphone input is equipped with the Phantom Power. The built-in drum machine has 379 patterns at user disposal, and is really a masterpiece.

  • Digitech Distortion
  • Screamin' Blues
  • Rather transparent and efficient, notwithstanding the price, sincerely, really low. A good solution for the Blues, with the addition of the built-in speaker emulator. Besides, up to the 70% of the Gain, it is silent, and adds a very pleasant sustain.

  • Tascam Multitrack
  • DP-02 Digital Portastudio
  • The on-board multi-effects includes chorus, flanger and speaker emulator. In addition there is a stereo reverb for the final mix, with a control for the send & return. The USB provides the connection to a PC.

  • Korg Handheld
  • MR1000
  • The DSD technology provides an extraordinary audio definition: 1-bit/5.6MHz. Really a record. The slot for 8 batteries testify the natural context of this product, the mobility. The price is important.

  • Yamaha Handheld
  • Pocketrak CX
  • An extended battery life and quality audio specifications. In addition, it includes an editing software: Cubase AI4.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • Deluxe
  • Complete and rather flexible, but it is not convincing. Perhaps, the problem is the 12" Special Design Eminence. The footswitch is included.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • DeVille 410
  • My opinion, but it's my opinion, is that the only good thing is the clean. It is, certainly, more expensive of how much it is worth. A button to add Gain, called More Drive.

  • Marshall Vintage Modern
  • 425A
  • The main characteristic of this Cabinet is the presence of the four G12C 25 Watt Celestion Greenbacks. These speakers have been designed for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super100JH stack.