Reviews and specs


  • Digitech Floorboards
  • RP55
  • It is equipped with a compressor, a noise gate and an equalizer. 80 patches: 40 preset, and 40 for the user. The 24-bit converters and the presence of the new AudioDNA chip testify the modern electronics. No parameters editing.

  • Boss Floorboards
  • ME-50
  • The speaker emulator is absent. The Tone Modify function comes with some preprogrammed equalization settings, substantially, ready-to-use presets. The expression pedal is always a very useful thing.

  • Boss Distortion
  • OS-2
  • The Color knob comes with two values: OD and DS, obviously, Overdrive and Distortion. The simplicity and the good price are the two added values of this pedal. The final result is always valid and pleasant.

  • Fostex Handheld
  • FR-2LE
  • The large LCD display shows, in real time, all the main parameters values. A rather particular product, a sort of mix between a portable device and a professional machine. It can be interesting, but the price is really important.

  • Boss Multitrack
  • BR-900CD Version 2
  • Five different groups of effects for each exigency. So, the user will be able to use effects specifically designed for the tone modification, like the equalizer, or for the mastering.

  • Zoom Handheld
  • H2n
  • A new technology, called Mid-Side, with 5 capsules, provides 4 different operational modes. The good display resolution (128 x 64 pixel), is a great help for a fast and easy job. Steinberg WaveLab LE, a good editing software, is included.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • DeVille 410
  • My opinion, but it's my opinion, is that the only good thing is the clean. It is, certainly, more expensive of how much it is worth. A button to add Gain, called More Drive.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • Deluxe 112 Enclosure
  • The Cabinet of the Hot Rod Series. It features a Celestion G12P-80 12 inches. It has been designed to add more bass response and an extra volume.

  • Marshall JCM 900
  • 4100 Dual Reverb Reissue
  • A powerful head that provides two channels with independent controls, a dual reverb, a complete equalization section and a dedicated recording output. The optional footswitch can control channel and Reverb.