Reviews and specs


  • Boss Distortion
  • FZ-5
  • The Mode knob allows the selection of the three emulated Fuzzes. My opinion is that this Boss distortion pedal is too much digital, but with an intelligent use of the controls the problem can be brilliantly solved.

  • Fender Distortion
  • Competition Distort
  • Simple, intuitive, classical and also cheap, but with a surprising sensibility to the dynamics on the strings, and with an evident Vintage character. It delivers a remarkable output Gain and can be used to boost a solid state amp.

  • Zoom Floorboards
  • G2
  • Two algorithms, automatically selected from the Cabinet & Mic function, allow the connection to different devices, for instance a mixer and an amplifier, but always with the suitable signal type. A remarkable signal-to-noise ratio: 120dB.

  • Tascam Handheld
  • iM2
  • A useful and intelligent product. It can work with any app and also with the built-in video camera. A very valid solution to add a quality audio to the video. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 4G.

  • Olympus Handheld
  • VN-7200
  • A product that can be the perfect solution for who is looking for a cheap device but with all the necessary for a good final result. The display is much large and the autonomy, really remarkable, is an important added value.

  • Tascam Handheld
  • DR-100
  • A flexible device that can be used for various purposes, but always with a quality result. It provides an automatic gain control, with a limiter and a low-cut filter.

  • Fender Vintage Modified
  • Band Master VM
  • An hybrid with a good flexibility and an interesting price. 3 quality digital effects and a good distortion.

  • Fender Vintage Reissue
  • '65 Princeton Reverb
  • An excellent reissue of a classic Fender. A very simple front panel and 2 inputs with a different impedance. A 10 inches Jensen C10R. Interesting for clean and moderate distortions.

  • Marshall MG
  • MG30FX
  • If we consider the low price and all the characteristics, it is a good choice. It doesn't sound like a tube model, obviously, but tone is good. Rather flexible.