Reviews and specs


  • Fender Chorus
  • Competition Chorus
  • A remarkable quality/price ratio. A very simple pedal, but it features two outputs and turns out really versatile. Substantially, it is surprising and turns out suitable to clean sounds, above all, but not only.

  • Ibanez Distortion
  • BB9
  • Really a very valid Ibanez pedal that cannot disappoint. Substantially, a Booster that produces a fat and powerful sound, rather dark, but never confused. It can be an excellent solution for a too much bright amplifier.

  • Digitech Floorboards
  • RP355
  • With the 6 knobs on the front panel settings are easy and fast. The manual is complete and exhaustive about all the functions of the floorboard, but there are no information for the update of the firmware.

  • Tascam Handheld
  • GT-R1
  • Clearly, a product for the musician, above all a guitarist. It is equipped with an amp simulator, 55 effects, the overdubbing function, a drum machine, a low cut filter, and an analog limiter. It is compatible with the MP3 ID3 tags (up to 2.4 version).

  • Olympus Handheld
  • VN-7200
  • A product that can be the perfect solution for who is looking for a cheap device but with all the necessary for a good final result. The display is much large and the autonomy, really remarkable, is an important added value.

  • Boss Multitrack
  • BR-900CD Version 2
  • Five different groups of effects for each exigency. So, the user will be able to use effects specifically designed for the tone modification, like the equalizer, or for the mastering.

  • Fender Vintage Reissue
  • '63 Reverb
  • The excellent sound and the Vintage look cannot disappoint. A real masterpiece with the feel, the simplicity and the Reverb that made this combo a legend. Certainly, the price is remarkable.

  • Fender Vintage Reissue
  • '65 Super Reverb
  • All-tube, with two channels, Normal and Vibrato. Four 10" Jensen P-10R.

  • Marshall Vintage Series
  • 1959 SLP
  • A 100-Watt head with three ECC83 tubes for the pre and four EL34 for the power amp. Few controls but very efficient. It sounds very well and delivers a warm and pleasant tone.