Reviews and specs


  • Ibanez Distortion
  • BB9
  • Really a very valid Ibanez pedal that cannot disappoint. Substantially, a Booster that produces a fat and powerful sound, rather dark, but never confused. It can be an excellent solution for a too much bright amplifier.

  • Boss Distortion
  • ML-2 Metal Core
  • If you are looking for something that makes your sound powerful and with a great attack, the Boss ML-2 is the distortion pedal for you. It will create a great lows emphasis and a sharp attack.

  • TC Electronic Reverb
  • Hall Of Fame
  • 2 inputs and 2 outputs, 4 controls, 10 reverbs, 2 pre-delay settings, 2 bypass types (true and buffered) and the switch for the Kill-Dry on/off that can be used to remove the direct signal of the guitar from the outputs.

  • Fostex Multitrack
  • MR16HD
  • 4 XLR inputs, balanced, and 4 1/4" inputs. There is a guitar input with a dedicated knob for the analogic distortion. The Trim control is very useful to cut the signal level to avoid the distortion.

  • Korg Multitrack
  • MR-2000S
  • The DSD technology provides an astonishing sampling frequency, 5,6MHz or 2,8MHz (1-bit). The professional mastering becomes accessible. AudioGate is the included software.

  • Olympus Handheld
  • LS-100
  • Two condenser microphones with independent level, but the position is fixed. 96kHz/24bit and XLR inputs. 8 tracks for the playback and some interesting functions for the mixing. A very valid and quality product, obviously with an important price.

  • Marshall JCM 800
  • 4210
  • It provides an Hammond Reverb, a master volume and a master reverb. In addition, it is equipped with Send & Return, direct output and split channel switching. One 12" speaker.

  • Marshall Vintage Series
  • 1959 SLP
  • A 100-Watt head with three ECC83 tubes for the pre and four EL34 for the power amp. Few controls but very efficient. It sounds very well and delivers a warm and pleasant tone.

  • Roland Cube
  • Micro Cube GX
  • 8 emulations, with a specific setting for a vocal microphone. It is equipped with three controls (Gain, Volume and Tone). Three colors: red, white and black.