Reviews and specs


  • Digitech Loop
  • JamMan Solo XT
  • Compared with the previous version, it can be synchronized with one or more units, and features a more complete set of inputs and outputs. A/D and D/A Conversion: 24 bit. Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit.

  • Boss Vibrato/Tremolo
  • TR-2
  • The modded version of the Boss TR-2, by Robert Keeley, solves a problem with the volume of the original pedal that, in some circumstances, can suddenly decrease. It's not a great problem, but it happens.

  • Boss Delay
  • DD-3
  • A very appreciated Delay and, certainly, of great quality. First of all, this Boss pedal provides all the necessary for a good result. Further it is really transparent, thanks to a real bypass. In addition, it is simple and silent. 1 Input and 2 Outputs.

  • Alesis Multitrack
  • iO Dock iPad
  • The iO Dock is an Alesis product designed for the iPad or the iPad 2. With this device the Apple tablet can be used to connect the audio gear to virtually all the apps of the App Store.

  • Tascam Handheld
  • DR-07
  • The USB allows the connection with a PC, therefore files can be transferred to the PC and vice versa. When connected, the DR-07 will appear like an hard disk. Three different sources for the input. 2 formats, WAV and MP3

  • Boss Handheld
  • Micro BR BR-80
  • Notwithstanding the really compact size, it is equipped with many advanced functions and all the necessary for the musician. A built-in stereo condenser microphone and SONAR X1 LE. The eBand function is really fun.

  • Fender Vintage Reissue
  • '63 Reverb
  • The excellent sound and the Vintage look cannot disappoint. A real masterpiece with the feel, the simplicity and the Reverb that made this combo a legend. Certainly, the price is remarkable.

  • Roland Cube
  • Cube 10GX
  • A good product, like always. A switch on the front panel allows the selection among three different types: Clean, Crunch and Lead. With an app, CUBE-KIT, the user can change the presets.

  • Fender Hot Rod
  • DeVille 410
  • My opinion, but it's my opinion, is that the only good thing is the clean. It is, certainly, more expensive of how much it is worth. A button to add Gain, called More Drive.