Digitech Bad Monkey Effects Pedal : Review

Bad Monkey

Cheap and efficient

It can be used in many different contexts, and comes with an incredible quality-price ratio, really extraordinary. From this point of view it can be considered, certainly, among the best Overdrives in the market. The two most important features are the boost of the signal and the creation of a sound similar to that of a tube amp. Two controls for lows and treble are rather rare in a device of this type, and with this cost. In addition, it has two outputs, one for the amp, and one, with a speaker emulator, for the Mixer, or for a recorder. It is, obviously, a product of great success, but, an interesting thing, also among expert guitarists, notwithstanding it is really cheap. Well, now we can see the main characteristics.

Simple, but complete

Like all the pedals of this type, few controls, but with the presence of two knobs for the equalization section. Considering the reference target, it is a rare thing and, above all, much useful.


Like always, it modifies the volume of the effect.


It adds, or cuts, the low frequencies.


The quantity of the treble.


It adjusts the amount of the effect. Turning it clockwise the Bad Monkey will add more distortion. It is rather efficient and produces a very pleasant warmth also at the minimum. An interesting thing, the demonstration of the remarkable overall quality of this pedal, is that, also at the maximum position, it is never metallic or confused. All the notes are always perfectly audible and clear.

Our opinion

Perhaps, the best Overdrive in the market, if we consider the quality-price ratio. Absolutely quiet and transparent. It preserves the original character of the guitar, and the bypass is excellent. When the effect is off, the signal isn't colored or changed in any way. Controls are interactive, so a bit of experimentation is necessary. My opinion is that it is perfect for Blues, but it is totally flexible. It can be used also to warm a clean sound, by adding a slight Crunch. It can really warm your sound like a tube amp. The price of the Bad Monkey, about 60 euros, is incredible. Certainly, a real bargain.

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