Legendary and Vintage

It was a sort of standard in the '70s and '80s. So, if you play classic Rock or also Blues it can be a perfect solution to recreate those sounds and atmospheres. It has been produced in many versions, always identified with an additional letter to the serial number: A, B and so on. Differences in the sound between these versions can be very important, depending on the used chips.


Very simple. Only two controls. Let's see them.


This knob compensates the volume difference between the direct sound and the effect sound. By increasing this control you will add more volume to the effect sound.


Obviously, this knob adjusts the Overdrive level. By increasing this control you will add more distortion to your sound.

Sound and general opinion

Like i said at the beginning of this review it has been produced in many versions that can be very different in the sound according to the used chip. Generally, it produces a rather clear sound and it tends to slightly cut lows. For someone this can be annoying, but you can use the tone control on the guitar or, better, on the amp to darken a bit the sound. However, the sound of the OD-1 is the typical sound of the '70s and it works well. Forget the digital sound of the modern devices. It can be a bit noisy, but satisfactions are guaranteed. With regard to the price it can vary very much. It depends on the general conditions.

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  • RC-3

    Certainly, the remarkable internal memory is one of the most interesting features. In a so compact device up to 3 hours of recording time is really a very good result. Two inputs and two outputs make it particularly flexible.

  • TS808 Tube Screamer Reissue

    A reissue that doesn't disappoint. With a correct and conscious use of the three knobs it can make very well. Essentially, it's an Overdrive that produces a warm and pleasant tone. Perfect for Blues, Country or Rock.

  • RV-7

    It provides seven different effects, Lexicon, of great quality. My opinion on this stompbox is absolutely positive. The bypass is a true bypass and the 4 knobs allow a complete personalization of the final result.

  • CS-3

    A device that can be a good solution for the guitar, but also for the bass. It is a compressor but, with a correct use of the controls, it can work as a limiter. the price is valid.

  • Vortex

    It features a switch that can be used to select between two different bypass types: true and buffered. The buffered bypass can be useful with long cables or if you use many pedals at the same time.