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Korg MR-1 Recorder : Review


Expensive, but 1-bit/2.8 MHz

Compared with other similar products, it is rather expensive, but it provides the well-known DSD technology and its astonishing 1-bit/2.8 MHz. If we consider it from this point of view the cost isn't so excessive, but on the market there are some excellent devices at a lower price. However, if you are looking for a portable recorder with professional features, it is certainly an appropriate choice.

General characteristics

The user can work with the DSD formats, like DSDIFF, DSF, and WSD, in WAV, up to 24-bit/192 kHz and in MP3 (44.1kHz/192kbps). The USB allows the connection to the PC, and the included software, AudioGate, converts files in the most common formats. The material is organized in projects, up to a maximum number of 1.000. For each song there are 100 marker points available, but they cannot be named. It features a condenser mic and a 20GB hard drive .


Let's see in a table the main technical specifications.

In/OutImpedanceNominal levelMax level
Input (2)10KohmsLine -6dBV, Mic -39dBVLine +6dBV, Mic -27dBV
Output10Kohms or greater-6 dBV+6 dBV
Phones16Ohms or greater40mW + 40mW @ 16Ohms

It is worth how much it costs

Like i said at the beginning of this review, the MR-1 is rather expensive, its price is approximately 400 Euros, but it is also a great quality device. An excellent result is guaranteed. This is sure. If you are interested in an absolute quality of the recording, it can be really an excellent choice.

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