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Old but efficient

Yamaha discontinued this recorder, but however, the MD8 is a quality device with good audio features, a complete mixing section and many editing functions that make this multitrack recorder a complete solution for your music.

The audio features

Excellent audio qualities, notwithstanding the age. A sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. The harmonic distortion, an important value to evaluate the audio quality of a digital recorder, is of the 0,02%, at 1kHz. The signal-to-noise ratio is 96dB, a professional value.

The Mini Disc

It records audio on the built-in Mini Disc, but this format has never been a success. However, this multitrack digital recorder permits 18 minutes of recording at 8 tracks, 37 minutes at 4 tracks and 74 minutes in stereo mode (2 tracks). Obviously, these are not great values. Modern digital recorders, with a built-in hard disk or with other supports, allow much better values.

The mix of all the tracks

It can record 8 tracks simultaneously. An important feature of this digital recorder is that user can make the mix on two tracks of all the eight tracks, and not only 6 tracks, like generally happens on other 8-track recorders.

A complete front panel

Yamaha designed the MD8 with the intention to make a fast and easy to use recorder. On the front panel there are many buttons that let you make normal operations on a digital recorder in real-time, without a menu. All the buttons necessary for recording, playback and editing functions are of immediate access.

Mixer, inputs and outputs

A complete mixing section, with all the necessary to work on eight separate tracks and provides a complete set of inputs and outputs. For a small band the MD8 can be really a good solution. All is separate and each track can be adjusted according to the need. Each channel features a 3-band EQ with an additional control for mids. The signal routing is complete and flexible.

General opinion

Like i said at the beginning of this review, Yamaha discontinued the MD8, so the price, approximately 900 Euros, must be considered virtual. Obviously, today, spending 900 Euros for a similar recorder is not convenient. However, used, it can cost 350, 400 Euros. At this price this Yamaha device can be a good solution for a small band or who wants a small home studio for the recording with good audio qualities, a flexible mixer and a complete editing section.

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This section

  • MR-8HD

    16-bit resolution and a 44.1kHz sampling frequency. The material can be stored in the internal 40GB hard disk and can be converted in the WAV format.

  • AW2400

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  • R16

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  • BR-800

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  • DP-03 Digital Portastudio

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