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Roland Cakewalk V-STUDIO 20 Recorder : Review

Cakewalk V-STUDIO 20

Roland, Boss and Cakewalk together

2 tracks, for guitar and voice, a powerful multi-effects and a controller for the excellent Guitar Tracks 4, a Cakewalk software with many useful functions. Let's see a brief description of the most important features.

Portable and USB powered

It has been designed for home recording but also for a mobile context. It is powered via USB. So, the only thing you need is a laptop. You can work on your music really everywhere. Always with a powerful machine with all the necessary.

The digital mixer with real faders

It is also a digital mixer with faders, knobs and buttons for recording, mixing and playback. Everything is easy and fast. All the necessary for a fast job is under your hands. I have to say that i like very much this Roland product. It is what the guitarist needs. A compact device with powerful functions, quality effects and a software for the PC.

COSM effects

It is equipped with a COSM DSP that can be controlled via software. This DSP provides some amp simulations and four virtual floorboards with 36 Boss effects and 50 presets. Let's see the list.

Boss effects: Virtual floorboard


Compressor, Limiter, Pedal Wah, T. Wah, Pre EQ, Slow Gear, Single Hum, Acoustic guitar simulation, Radio Voice.


Booster, Natural, OD-1, Blues, Distortion, Metal, Core, Fuzz, Bass Drive, Vocal.


Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Pan, Rotary, Uni-V, 3-band EQ.


Single, Pan, Stereo, Modulate, Analog, Tempo.


Room, Hall.

Vocal Mode

Harmony and pitch correction.

Software bundle

The Editor

The software version of the hardware. The control interface is similar but, obviously, it features more advanced functions. With the Editor the V-Studio 20 can be used like an audio interface.

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks

It provides all the necessary for a complete job with your music. From the recording to the final mix. Let's see the main features.

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks



Editing and mixing

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks, obviously, like any other recording software, lets you edit each track as you need. At the end of your job you can mix all the tracks to create your song.

11 effects

They are added to those of the hardware.

The synthesizer

It includes the emulation of a Roland synthesizer: the TTS-1.

The looper

1GB of loops to jam.


If you want to connect the V-Studio 20 to the PC you need to install the driver, a software that allows the connection between the hardware and the PC. This Roland device can work with the ASIO, the most advanced driver on the market.

Compatible operative systems

At present, it can be installed only on Windows systems: XP, Vista and 7.


In Cakewalk Guitar Tracks 4 you can open the driver panel for some useful settings that can solve problems in your audio.

Audio Buffer Size

This setting is very important. It depends on the PC hardware, so there is not a fixed value for a good result. Generally, if your audio is not perfect and you hear some "clicks", set the value of the buffer size to 8 or higher.



Use smaller buffer size

Use direct monitor

General opinion

Well, my opinion about the V-Studio 20 is absolutely positive. Roland has made really an excellent job. A quality digital recorder, a controller for a complete software, Boss effects and a looper. The price, approximately 290 Euros, is excellent.

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