Reviews and specs


  • Boss Distortion
  • FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman
  • The COSM technology emulates the fat and rich tone of the Fender '59 Bassman. It delivers a very valid sound, perfect for Blues, for instance. 2 inputs, NORMAL and BRIGHT, and 6 controls.

  • TC Electronic Distortion
  • Spark
  • An excellent solution for who is looking for a device that can be used to alter the sound, for instance with poor pickups or with a solid state amp. It makes a good job.

  • Digitech Distortion
  • iStomp
  • The user can download from the Shop App many different virtualizations that can be transferred to the iStomp. The first application costs 0.99 dollars, the price of the other applications is 4.99 dollars.

  • Tascam Multitrack
  • DP-03 Digital Portastudio
  • The front panel makes available to the user nine 45mm faders and many knobs for all the possible controls. All is logical and designed to make the work fast and easy. The display is rather small, but with all the essential informations.

  • Tascam Multitrack
  • DP-24 Digital Portastudio
  • 8 XLR inputs (balanced) and a Line/Guitar jack with the control for the volume. Each track provides a dedicated 45mm fader. It is the successor of the 2488Neo and, undoubtedly, it is a professional machine. Perfect for the Home Studio.

  • Boss Handheld
  • Micro BR
  • An amazing drum machine with 300 rhythm patterns, so it can be a perfect instrument in order to study or to excercise. Another interesting function is the possibility to use it like an MP3 player.

  • Laney VC
  • VC30
  • Three models with the same features and the same electronics, but with different speakers, dimensions and weight. The FS2 footswitch selects the 2 channels and the built-in Reverb. The Effects Loop is equipped with the Bypass.

  • Marshall Vintage Modern
  • 2266C
  • The complete front panel guarantees a remarkable flexibility. Body and Detail, can drastically modify the sound.

  • Marshall Vintage Modern
  • 425A
  • The main characteristic of this Cabinet is the presence of the four G12C 25 Watt Celestion Greenbacks. These speakers have been designed for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super100JH stack.